Balance: Your Family and Business

I am not going to pretend I am some expert of balance. Nor am I an expert of this new age concept of “self-care”. But what I do know is what I am doing now is working and we are all very happy.

I do what I think makes my family happy. If they want a popsicle – absolutely. If they want two, go for it. If they want three, I tell them to take a hike. Literally, get outside and get social with your neighbours. If they want 15 minutes of cuddle time after we have read 10 books, then yes that’s exactly what we do. Lots of cuddles, lots of fun and lots of discipline too.

One thing I am absolutely consistent with when it comes to “self-care” is getting ready for the day. The whole meal deal. Hot shower, cute outfit that makes me feel good. Hair, make-up and jewelry. I don’t think this is perfect for everyone, but it makes me feel ready to take on the day. I am a professional, just because I work from home doesn’t mean I don’t have self-worth. My mom said to me many times growing up “look good, feel good, do good” and I know she hit the nail on the head. It seems so simple, but I think if you don’t already you should try it.

When the family wants to go on a day trip together, guess what gets put on silent? My phone. The work never ends. I could work for 14 hours a day everyday. But when it is family time – it’s family time. It is important even though work can be very exciting that we can also put it away for an hour or a day.

When I am having an inspirational moment, or coaching a business leader, guess what gets put on hold? My family. How I can do that? Lots of ways, my husband takes them to the park, they watch a movie together or I wait until they are all in bed sleeping. Bottom line is – I have the full support of my husband and he knows being an entrepreneur takes a lot of hard work.

I make time for it all.

Like so many other work from home moms, we are juggling experts. If you have to be on a conference call and you also have no clean underwear, you are doing laundry listening in with your earphones.  Sometimes your kids are the best helpers when it comes to setting up booths for vendor events. Sometimes you can have coaching calls while your kids are playing at the park.  When you can juggle, you juggle. Don’t be stressed about it, just go with the flow.

We do what we do because we love it. I love it. So because it is Mother’s Day on Sunday I wrote this post just to OWN IT.

I am owning it.

I am a mom of three very busy and crazy kids and a leader of a massive and successful team of entrepreneurs. I am a loving wife, sister and daughter. And I take time for everyone, while still finding success and changing peoples lives.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms and especially to all the #wahm ‘s



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  1. Own what you can do, and own what you can’t do. We all juggle, and you’re absolutely right … don’t stress about how to keep all the balls in the air. Find a way, and own it. Love this.


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