Balance: Your Family and Business

I am not going to pretend I am some expert of balance. Nor am I an expert of this new age concept of “self-care”. But what I do know is what I am doing now is working and we are all very happy.

I do what I think makes my family happy. If they want a popsicle – absolutely. If they want two, go for it. If they want three, I tell them to take a hike. Literally, get outside and get social with your neighbours. If they want 15 minutes of cuddle time after we have read 10 books, then yes that’s exactly what we do. Lots of cuddles, lots of fun and lots of discipline too.

One thing I am absolutely consistent with when it comes to “self-care” is getting ready for the day. The whole meal deal. Hot shower, cute outfit that makes me feel good. Hair, make-up and jewelry. I don’t think this is perfect for everyone, but it makes me feel ready to take on the day. I am a professional, just because I work from home doesn’t mean I don’t have self-worth. My mom said to me many times growing up “look good, feel good, do good” and I know she hit the nail on the head. It seems so simple, but I think if you don’t already you should try it.

When the family wants to go on a day trip together, guess what gets put on silent? My phone. The work never ends. I could work for 14 hours a day everyday. But when it is family time – it’s family time. It is important even though work can be very exciting that we can also put it away for an hour or a day.

When I am having an inspirational moment, or coaching a business leader, guess what gets put on hold? My family. How I can do that? Lots of ways, my husband takes them to the park, they watch a movie together or I wait until they are all in bed sleeping. Bottom line is – I have the full support of my husband and he knows being an entrepreneur takes a lot of hard work.

I make time for it all.

Like so many other work from home moms, we are juggling experts. If you have to be on a conference call and you also have no clean underwear, you are doing laundry listening in with your earphones.  Sometimes your kids are the best helpers when it comes to setting up booths for vendor events. Sometimes you can have coaching calls while your kids are playing at the park.  When you can juggle, you juggle. Don’t be stressed about it, just go with the flow.

We do what we do because we love it. I love it. So because it is Mother’s Day on Sunday I wrote this post just to OWN IT.

I am owning it.

I am a mom of three very busy and crazy kids and a leader of a massive and successful team of entrepreneurs. I am a loving wife, sister and daughter. And I take time for everyone, while still finding success and changing peoples lives.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms and especially to all the #wahm ‘s



The Importance of Attending Your Company Conference

When I was considering attending my first company conference the thoughts that went through my head were almost endless. Many of them to do with, could we afford it? Could by husband take the time off work to watch our 3 kids? Do I belong at such an event? Am I too amateur?

This is what happened, I said to my husband, ‘I really think I should go to one of these upcoming conferences. I have two options, a short one day event in Saskatoon late in the Fall (when the weather and the roads are often challenging) OR a full weekend of training in Las Vegas.’ He said, ‘don’t risk the roads to Saskatoon, go to Vegas, plus you have never been.’

Financially it was a bit of a stretch. I had calculated all that I had earned since becoming a stylist with my company and that was only 3 months worth. I would be most definitely breaking even by the end of the weekend. Everything I had earned in 3 months would pay for the flights, hotel, food and other spending. Was it worth it?

During one of the online webinars I had recently listened to (that my company provides weekly) one of the trainers had mentioned that ‘leaders are born at these events’. Not that I saw myself at all as a leader, I was definitely intrigued. I thought my business will only benefit from going to this conference.

So I did it, I booked the flights and my hotel room. Two of my brand new stylists on my team quickly followed suit and booked as well. We were the three amigo’s and we were excited about a girls weekend and learning more about this new company.

When that conference was over, I wasn’t sure what exactly was said, it wasn’t really anything in particular, but I knew I was exactly where I should be. I felt so strong, invincible and completely fearless. My brain was running a million miles a minute and I will never forget  how motivated I was. Nothing was going to stop me and I knew that my success with this company meant improving lives of women around the world.

Since then I have consistently worked my business, was awarded top seller in the company for 2016, most subscribers in the company for 2 years in a row, rank advanced like a champ. Had ups and had downs, but never once lost my motivation. I go to my events every 6 months and plan never to miss one. I have earned trips to Miami, Vancouver, Cancun, Chiapas, Dominican Republic and Peru. And I have to say going to my company conferences would be a big reason how I have found success.

Go to your conferences. Take lots of notes. Stay open-minded. Be willing to grow WHO you are as well as WHAT you do. Be fearless. Have fun. Dance.amazing-work

How my Journey began

So my story will start back to when I was considering starting with a home based business. Hang tight, after the serious part it gets funny.

My aunt texted me (she had recently held a show and decided that ‘my name was written all over it, that it was perfect for me’). I love my aunt dearly and had to consider, since it was coming from her. My thought process:

The negatives….
How on earth could I have time for anything with 3 little kids!
How could I justify the cost of a “starter kit”?  (I didn’t want to waste any money!)
How would my husband take it?
Who would do a show for me?

The positives….
This particular company has such a great story. How could I pass this up? It is right down my alley….as my favourite aunt pointed out.
I would actually love a good excuse to get out of the house and have some adult time.
My husband pointed out that I have wasted much more money on material things at the mall…..hmmmm yes good point.
Last stop, call my mom.  She encouraged me to go for it, she would book my first show! Really?! You want to?
I was stoked!

So other than a little devil on my shoulder telling me not to waste money, what did I have to lose. It was support all around.

When I began, the shipping was HORRENDOUS! I waited for 3.5 weeks for my starter kit to arrive. It finally arrived 2 days before my moms show.

Off I went. Driving 35 minutes down the highway, music blaring, and I was belting out the tunes. I was kid free and VIBRATING with a combination of excitement and anxiety!

(we are almost to the funny part)

So I get to her house, set up my 10 pieces (remember I just had the basic starter kit), 15 or so ladies show up. All professional middle aged, lovely women. Starting things off in true Jocelyn fashion, I spilled my glass of wine right before the presentation. While dabbing up the wine from the carpet on my mom’s floor (take note that this was her brand new house….) I had the sudden urge to go pee. If you have had 3 or more kids you know what I mean by “sudden”. Like my whole body froze and I tried to control it.  Well the feeling soon passed because “luckily” I half pee’d my pants.

Ok great! It’s dark denim, no one will notice. I quickly went to the bathroom and soaked up what I could with toilet paper, washed my hands and returned to give my spiel. I couldn’t believe how they all sat and listened to me. I could hear the shaking in my voice. I thought I might die.

They all seemed interested and asked some questions. Then one by one they came to me with orders. I remember thinking, oh, you are going to order? what a bonus! Most of them said, Jocelyn you will do so well with this. This is a perfect job for you as a stay at home mom.

Shortly afterwards, my upline called me. She asked how it went. I continued to share what I sold (not that I had spilled my wine and pee’d my pants). And she squealed with excitement! Jocelyn, she said, you made over double what you paid for your starter kit! Plus plus plus! My head was spinning! I didn’t feel like I was working at all! This is so rewarding!  My wheels were pumped and I learned one important lesson. Always take a bathroom break before your presentation!
Here I am all excited at one of my first shows!