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Born and raised right out of the prairies in Canada. A 50/50 split between Saskatchewan and Alberta. Although the messy teenage years were in Alberta. I am competitive by nature and enjoy sports like fastball and volleyball. I also love a good game of Canasta (I usually let my husband win because in this case “happy wife, happy life” does not apply. This is a picture of me as a child at the funeral home that my grandparents owned and we spent a lot of time at. Funny to have so many awesome memories at a funeral home.


I graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Majoring in Photography (back in the manual camera, film and dark room days). It was an amazing program and I still miss the late nights processing in the dark room with deep artsy music playing like Daniel Lanois.

I married my lovely husband in 2008. We were the secret office romance for about one year. No one would have guessed I would be hooked up with an engineer who often had his pants tucked into the back of his shoes. But I could see past that. He is truly the most supportive and thoughtful man I have ever known. We finally told our co-workers of our relationship when we got engaged. It was an exciting time although he continued to ignore my reminders about his pants.

There was no wasting anytime when it came to having a family. We had our first son in 2009, second son in 2010 and our third, a cute little girl in 2013. My great grandpa Gunderson would say his girls were “very fertile”. He was right… in a weird old Norweigan man kind of way.

We lived in British Columbia from the end of 2008 to 2012 until my heart couldn’t take it any longer. We moved back to Alberta when we were expecting our third. We have been here ever since and I feel very much at peace.

In the past 2.5 years I have been running a business from home. My daughter is my assistant. Seriously, she is the best little helper I could ask for! And get this… she is free of charge! Just the odd chicken mcnugget fix and she is happy as a clam. While the boys are busy learning at school we are packing or unpacking from shows, organizing orders, planning our goals and making lots of exciting phone calls.

My goal in 2017 is to mentor many more people and share what I have learned it takes to be the top sales earner in my company. I look forward to continuing one on one mentoring calls with my team mates and watching them grow.

I will be travelling to two conferences, one in Las Vegas in January and one in Salt Lake City in July. Conferences are the fuel that keep me pushing ahead.

I will also be travelling to the Dominican Republic in March and Peru in June. Both are all expenses paid trips and both serve two completely different purposes. The Dominican is for my husband and I to relax in the hot sun and take a break from my very busy business.  Peru is a very special trip because I will be travelling with a few other top stylists to meet our new group of artisans. A percentage of our proceeds are going to this village to improve the school. This is the fuel that feeds my soul.      My Passion.

I sort of got away from the “About Me” part of this but I am truly looking forward to updating my blog post with all of the travels and conferences ahead. I can’t wait to see what’s new with our Full Circle programs and share that information with all of you.

And I will leave you with a picture from my favourite day (we look like babies)….



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